Sumner Education Association Mission Statement

Sumner Education Association (SEA)  will effectively communicate with members and Sumner School District administrators to advocate for members’ rights.  SEA will seek, train, and develop leaders in the organization.   SEA will demonstrate clarity of vision and empower members

Sumner Education Association Values

Simpler, Slower, Sustainable

Reasonable tasks for the hours of the work day; Time for thoughtful implementation of changes to allow for success; Meaningful actions and decisions which will last five to ten years

Adequate Time and Working Conditions

Time for students, planning, parent communication, PLC work, emails, meetings; Reasonable number of preps, special support for new teachers

Leadership instead of Management

Provide honest and constructive direction and support; Embody competence and integrity; Acknowledge and appreciate what is working; Know the CBA

Equal and Respectful Treatment of Professionals

Positive and respectful interventions for struggling teachers; Equitable consideration for opportunities; Consistent implementation of corrective interventions, Honor expertise

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