Sumner Education Association

Elected Officers:

President: Jenn Black, ELA Teacher at BLHS



Vice President: Tricia Littlefield, CTE Teacher at BLHS


Treasurer: Tiara Horan, Math Teacher at LMS


Secretary: Rachel Aszklar, CTE Teacher at SHS

Appointed Executive Board Members:

  • Membership Action Chair (MAC): Sean Foster, Foreign Language Teacher at SHS
  • Chief Negotiator: Jay Paulson, Math Teacher at BLHS
  • New Educator Chair: Nicole Charles, Elementary Teacher at MLE
  • Human Rights and Equity Chair: Tina Oxford, Special Education Teacher at MVMS
  • Media Coordinator: (OPEN), CTE Teacher at SHS
  • Advocacy Chair: Krystal Stephens at MMS
  • Advocacy Team: Jeannie Rowland 2nd Grade Teacher at MLE and Jessica Culp 3rd Grade Teacher at DVE