Building Representatives

A Building Representative is a volunteer organizer.  Association Representatives (AR) is the official name.  AR’s are called Building Reps in our local.  Their job as an organizer is both easy and difficult because they serve in a number of roles:

  1. They tune in to our members’ needs and share them with our local president, advocacy, SEA Board, UniServ Rep or other appropriate association leaders.

  2. They evaluate our members’ concerns and interests and report back to them how SEA is responding to those concerns and interests.

  3. They motivate and encourage our members to work together and to connect with the local community.

  4. They make the call for help.

  5. They let our members know about issues that impact them and help them organize ways to cope with those issues.

  6. They raise questions and help identify issues.

  7. They give our members a way to sound off. They give members a voice.

  8. They assist members on a day-to-day basis.

  9. They provide members with information they need to make personal and professional decisions.

  10. They communicate how the Association is meeting their needs.

  11. They reinforce that member support is critical to Association effectiveness and success

  12. They ensure that member participation and support is valued and recognized.

Get to Know Your Building's Reps:

School: Building Representatives 
Bonney Lake High School
  1. Melissa D.
  2. Meredith H. 
  3. Jess W.
  4. Sydney R.
  5. Kristi M.
Sumner High School
  1. Scott T
  2. Michael S
  3. Travis H. 
  4. Alex P
Elhi Hill
  1. Andy K.
Lakeridge Middle School
  1. Stacy S.
  2. Tiana H.
Mountain View Middle School
  1. Mandy Grams
  2. David C. 
Sumner Middle School
  1. Trish G.
Bonney Lake Elementary School
  1. Laurie S.
  2. Julie G.
  3. Karen B.
Crestwood Elementary School
  1. Carolyn L.
  2. Jill R.

Donald Eismann Elementary 

  1. Lindy B.
  2. Trina P.
  3. Savannah P. 
Daffodil Valley Elementary School
  1. Jessica C
  2. Tricia H.
  3. Jenna R.
Emerald Hills Elementary School
  1. Nancy L.
Liberty Ridge Elementary School
  1. Nancy H. 
  2. Jarah S.
  3. Linda J. 
  4. Chanda Z.
Maple Lawn Elementary School
  1. Matt B.
  2. Mark I. 
  3. Amy L. 
Tehaleh Heights Elementary School
  1. OPEN
Victor Falls Elementary School
  1. Samm A.
  2. Stacey W.
  3. Michelle N.
Central Office
  1. Gabrielle W