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6/5/2020 Update

WEA Professional Development

WEA is taking time to prep for their summer offerings. You can still sign up for a few certification classes happening in June(see attachment). A reminder is you are interested in pursuing your National Board Certification or if you are renewing your NBCT, we have negotiated payment for Jumpstart through WEA for new candidates and $50 towards renewal jump start.

Human Rights and Equity Book Club

Thank you to everyone who came to the BLM discussion on Thursday night. If you are interested in participating in the next book club offering, we have grant funds to purchase 30 of each book. We had a great success with our first book Heavy by Laymon. This time we'll be reading So You Want to Talk About Race by Oluo and White Fragility by DiAngelo. Follow the link here to receive one of our copies if you're in the first 30! If you have your own--we'd love for you to join us as well! ALSO, check our SEA Facebook page for more opportunities and resources.